Friday, May 3, 2013

Hey you pretty momma!

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection. - Buddha

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I was sitting in front of my laptop one night and while cleaning my face and reading an article all at the same time, I had my light bulb moment. Why not make a beauty/fashion blog for moms? Yes! So after hours of set up, I gave birth to my second blog - Hey You Pretty Momma!

There were quite a few times when people would tell me I don't look like a mom after finding out I'm raising a three-year old daughter alone. Quite honestly I don't know how to react because initially, statements like this is supposed to be a compliment but on the other hand, there lies the pre-conceived notion that mothers are expected to look a certain way. To elaborate, it means you have to let go of yourself because once you give birth you are to fit the motherhood mold. It is the sad truth that the moment we take ourselves for granted, we are also killing little by little our self esteem. 
Of course moms need to devote every possible waking moment nurturing their offspring/s but it does not mean not taking care of yourself anymore. It is a crime! Society expects that you kiss goodbye feeling good and looking good. And I say screw that thought! First and foremost, a mother is a person, a woman and childbirth does not alter that but instead enriches her existence. Happy moms equal happy kids. A mom who takes care of herself while juggling the demands of motherhood and family is her own hero. So before I completely go philosophical and boring, let me tell you what I intend to do on this nouveau blog of mine.

Well, let's call it another advocacy. I hope that Hey You Pretty Momma can encourage mothers like me to start taking care of themselves and break free from the mommy mold. You know what I mean - greasy, uncombed hair, dull faces and clothes of by-gone eras. My vision for this blog is to provide advice to mommas out there that there are fashion and beauty options which don't cost an arm and leg. I'm also conscious of my expenses because more than anyone else I'm a solo parent. I'm no beauty queen but I make it a point to clean, tone and moisturize my face. I'm no model but I try to find clothes that are multi-purpose, those that I can wear until they are threadbare. I advocate that is not a crime to smell, look and feel good especially if it is within our budget. I look forward to the inputs of other moms too who can give their feel-good/look-good recommendations and experiences. Single ladies too are welcome, I'm single anyway, only that I have a kid. :)

So without much ado, I say "Hey You Pretty Momma"!

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