Friday, May 3, 2013

My basic four-step regimen

Ladies - be honest, aside from your weight, relationship status and if you still have feelings for your ex, which question leaves you blank for a few seconds to ask yourself if you should tell the truth or not?

If you say your age, well I don't blame you. One of the worst things for the fairer sex to hear is someone telling you that you look older than you really are! It's like receiving a slap on the face and any woman would feel insulted unless she deliberately wants to appear older. Who would want that?! I believe this is the rallying point of the beauty industry - make women age slower and more gracefully. Do I get an "Amen"? 

Not all of us are gifted with perfect skin, it's genetics and nobody's fault. But if you don't start taking care of your face and incessantly complain how old you look, then the problem is you. Fashion designer Coco Chanel captures this with this quote, "Nature gives you the face you have at 20; it is up to you to merit the face you have at 50". If you have not been kind to your skin, better turn a new leaf before the dreaded wrinkles find its way to your face. A little TLC now will save you a lot of money later when the only option left comes with at least a five-figure price tag. :)

Me @ 33, Jakarta, Indonesia. Notice the break-outs on my forehead :)
When I started working for this mining company last year, I often get asked how old I am. Quite frankly, I don't keep my age a secret. I don't need to lie about something so trivial. I'll reserve that for life-changing situations. Without missing a heartbeat, I declare that I'm 32 years old. Some thought I'm older - and those people did not receive a Christmas card from me! :) But there were others who have 20-20 vision and were surprised to know that I'm no longer in the calendar! Majority of them thought I'm still 28. Well, that's a good four years off! Ahhh... I would grin from ear to ear and give a sincere "thank you" and to the manufacturers of the beauty products I've been slathering my face with. Now don't get me wrong, I follow a very simple face routine given that I'm lazy. I also have a limited budget especially that no self-respecting mom would splurge on these items without thinking a hundred times. But unlike my mother who has great skin (even after Chemotherapy), I got Dad's crater-like pores and I get breakouts regularly. I reckon I need to do something about it rather than complain. Call it being proactive!

I basically follow the good old Four Step Regimen. Simple but worked wonders so let's start ladies:

1. CLEANSE - any cleansing product will do for as long as your skin responds well to it. No need to buy the most expensive brand you can afford, but if you can why not? I mean there are more than enough products in the supermarket's beauty lane for options to fit every budget. The hardest part really is finding the right fit for your skin type. It's usually in the label which type it's suited for so you can start with that. How often? Well, I wash my face twice a day - one in the morning when I take a bath and in the evening before bed. The latter is more important because it removes the dirt your face collected during the day. But if you have oily skin, washing it after your lunch hour could help get rid of the shine especially in your T-zone

2. EXFOLIATE - there are some cleansing products that combine cleansing and exfoliating. Exfoliation removes dull and dead skin, "revealing a more youthful glow" to quote one beauty ad. Ladies please remember though to use TLC because the skin on you face is more sensitive than the rest of your body. You can use a soft wash cloth with a little cleanser and gently massage on your face in circular motion. You would immediately notice that your face would brighten afterwards. Please don't use a pumice stone or a loofah for Pete's sake!

3. TONE - now some beauty experts do not recommend using a toner unless you have very oily skin. But in my experience, toning helps ensure that the last traces of make up, dirt, grime and oil are removed before you apply moisturizer. It also helps lessen black heads. So if you like the way your face feels after using a toner, I don't see a reason why you should stop.

4. MOISTURIZE - if you have dry skin, this is very essential towards maintaining a more youthful skin. Moisturizing your face follows the same principle why you put lotion on your body. A well-moisturized face has lesser wrinkles and the more hydrated your skin is, the fresher and younger it looks. One indication that your face needs to be moisturized is when it feels tight. Choose a good brand, preferable one that is oil and fragrance free.

Lastly, and should perhaps be number 5 is to use sunscreen to protect you from the sun's UV rays. The main culprit for wrinkles is actually not stress or your ex but sun exposure. Choose a sunscreen with at least an SPF (sun protection factor) 30.

So what are your beauty regimens You Pretty Momma?


  1. Lan karon ra ko kapansin nagbuhat pud ka beauty blog...kita na jud ang beauty blogger wannabe! LOLs Amen sa tanan nimo giingon nagbuhat pud ko hahaha

  2. Hey Mommy Raine!

    Bag-ong niche nato ang beauty for moms. hehehe practical and affordable and no-fuss kay kulang na gyud ta sa oras! hehehe